Shaun Venish graphic art and illustration, Austin Texas.
Shaun Venish is a freelance graphic artist and illustrator, located in Austin, Texas. Shaun produces technical illustrations and how-to or step-by-step drawings and product illustrations. He excels at Photoshop photo retouching and photo manipulation. He produces a wide range of  illustrations, both traditional drawing and oil painting, and electronic or digital art. Venish design, graphic art and illustration portfolio. Displaying the art work of freelance, graphic artist Shaun Venish of Austin, TX. Design services include magazine design, including e-books, Kindle and iBook cover art and web-based publications, as well as illustrations, drawings and diagrams.
Shaun Venish designs magazines, websites, brochures, posters, postcards, e-books and logos. He also creates original art in traditional drawing and painting, and electronic or digital art. He creates photo illustrations and maps. Shaun can also provide design for advertising, promotional art, marketing pieces, banner ads, and web ads. He can also create product illustrations and instructional diagrams and drawings, as well as cover art for Amazon Kindle e-books.

I've loved doing all kinds of graphic art since I was a kid in South Africa. I graduated from the Johannesburg High School for Art, Ballet, Drama and Music and then went on to the Wits Tech School of Graphic Design.

Driven by a desire to travel, I went to Pasadena, California for a Liberal Arts degree and ended up marrying an American girl. After several years living in the Mid-West, working as Creative Director for a magazine publishing company, my family and I decided it was time to seek warmer climes. We packed up and moved to sunny Austin, Texas. [Win!]

Since moving to Austin, I've really enjoyed being a full-time freelancer. I enjoy working in all parts of the graphic art business. From developing and comping ideas for clients to art directing magazines, marketing and design projects, and often doing the actual layout and illustration, it's all interesting and frequently challenging.

My personal interests are graphic art, illustration, history (mostly European from 1618-1815 and the World Wars), science, brewing and drining craft ales and running. Oh, and long walks on the beach.

Shaun Venish graphic artist resume
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Through my extensive and varied experience, I've developed a large repertoire of graphic art skills. These are some of the more common services I offer:


  • Magazine design and layout, photo retouching
  • Advertisement design
  • Marketing collateral: postcards, brochures, posters, etc...

Corporate graphics:

  • Logo design and stationery
  • Advertisement design


  • Web site design (I do not code)
  • Web ads, animated gifs etc...


  • Traditional media including pencil, oil paint, brush and ink
  • Digital illustration including maps, diagrams, how-to/step-by-step, digital painting, cartoons, characters. See my most recent work on my Tumblr page:

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